Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2012

Airport facilities in terrible shape

WILLEMSTAD – The consumer’s organization should visit the Curacao airport and review or understand how the facility fees, that every passenger pays for, are invested.

This reporter has learned that when it rains the passengers that pays for these facilities can almost take a shower inside of the airport due to major leakage.

The bridges to the airplanes are corrosive with exception of the new one which was installed a few months ago. Bridge number 3 has been inoperative for a few days already.

Every day when passengers have to pay the airport tax they have to stand in long lines to do so. There is either only one tax collector or they are too slow. The area is also very uncomfortable with no air-conditioning making it very warm for the passengers.

The facility fee is imposed by the airport to be invested at the airport. The users don’t mind to pay this fee if it is going to be invested to make it nicer for the passengers and to expedite traffic in a orderly manner.

For years Curacao Airport Partners (CAP) has promised that they will install air-conditioning in the checking area and still nothing. People have to rely on the wind to get some comfort while checking in for their flight.

Another major problem is when the passengers have to make long lines to go through either immigration or customs. There is always a shortage of personnel. There are two x-ray machines but only one in use. Passengers are wondering if only one works or if there are no personnel for the other machine. At the immigration, it is even worse. Empty booths while the line is long is just unheard of but it happens at the Curacao airport. They don’t know how to process people quickly.

The same thing happens when passengers arrive. They have to walk on the ramp because the bridges don’t work or there are no busses to transport them. This is a major safety risk.

What I understand is that there is only one x-ray machine working to scan all the luggage on connecting flights. This machine hasn’t been working so it has to go manually which takes such a long time. This is very uncomfortable for the passengers.

Now my question is where does the money go? Passengers pay the facility fee but gets nothing in return. CAP has the guts to talk about expanding, I think they should solve these problems first before adding more to it!.

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