Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Amadeus report explores what drives travelers to book a flight

AmadeusThe study shows that preferences are better understood if a model "product / service / convenience" to provide airlines a plan of action to better communicate their offer and ensure fidelity is used.

The new report released today by Amadeus, Embracing airline digital transformation: a spotlight on what Travelers value ( "digital transformation in the airline industry: travelers value"), sheds light on what they value travelers when buying a flight.

Currently, dealers in various sectors have reinvented the customer experience. However, often the challenge is to find what customers really value when making such an important purchase. This report, which focuses specifically on the airline industry, explore new methods to collect customer data and combine them with economic and behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and contextual commerce in order to better respond to this question. According to the report, these developments hold great opportunities for those airlines that embrace change.

The report addresses a model of product/service/convenience for airlines to market their products in a more intuitive way and seize every opportunity. But this is not a universal approach to all travelers. The balance between these three elements is different for each traveler, which impacts the price that each is willing to pay for a flight. As part of the survey conducted for the report, 56% of travelers said the total package was most important to them, while only 24% prioritized the lowest price. For example, a new mother traveling with your baby will probably give priority to experience in terms of services. However, on a business trip or pleasure alone, that same mother will have different priorities.

The study, commissioned by Amadeus and Connections, international event organizer and networking, was based on interviews with airlines, travel agencies and technology experts and an independent survey of travelers focused on the aspects that most value when Reserve a flight.

The report identifies a number of changes that are taking place as the digital environment becomes a catalyst for the airline industry:

· The economy class is evolving: the competition has changed travel in economy class. Airlines are responding to this trend using data to drive product sales associated with the basic rate. American Airlines recently introduced its Basic Economy fare and British Airways up menus Marks & Spencer in their short - haul flights.

· The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) driven by the chatbots IA drastically transform the industry. Advice based on this technology will provide a more personalized experience for those travelers who wish.

· Reinventing Loyalty: The increased supply digital channels is a challenge for loyalty. Currently, the industry tries to capture the loyalty of travelers by spending based on alliances with distributors and pooling loyalty points, so now travelers can redeem their points programs much easier.

"Traditionally, the airline industry has focused on identifying opportunities for incremental sales. Now there are new approaches to understand and define what is what customers really value while traveling. The ability of new technology to collect customer data, along with the implementation of economic and behavioral approaches will help airlines to move their offer in a way that guarantees revenue and loyalty -comments Elena Ávila, Head of Strategy of Amadeus- airlines. in the digital age, is more important than never airlines create an emotional connection with their travelers. "

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