Published On: Thu, Jul 25th, 2013

Awkward moment in flight

This lady was totally out of it. As soon as she sat down, she started falling asleep, and it only got worse as the flight continued. I tried lifting her up, shaking her, and startling her, but it seemed like nothing was going to work. So, I thought it would be fun to get some of it on video to share with family and friends. Then she finally moved... Only to find someone else for the last part of the flight. Ha! (I did try a LOT to wake her and move her off of me, but it was not working until the end. I did not get it all on film, but even if I did, that would have been boring and way too long. Also, I promise that none of this is staged. We are all 3 random people who had never met before.) On a side note, people have been asking why I didn't notify a flight attendant. The flight attendants were not allowed to get up during this flight, due to turbulence. They told us not to use our call buttons unless it was a medical emergency. Also, I would like to speak with this lady, so if you have any leads, please let me know. I would like to ask for (albeit late) permission (and now forgiveness).

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