Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2013

Chief Pilot Elroy Harms confirms: DAE lands in Suriname without any novelty

DAEWILLEMSTAD – DAE’s Chief Pilot, Mr. Elroy Harms explains that during the take off of the Fokker 100 of the aviation company Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) from the Suriname airport, there was a small issue with a valve regulating the air-conditioning of the aircraft  This issue at no moment at all was a risk to the flight, to the passengers and to the cabin crew. The situation had more to do with the comfort of the passengers during the flight since the air-condition was not functioning properly.

The well trained cabin crew then proceeded to open the valve manually to let air circulate in the aircraft but since it was extremely warm in Suriname, about 35 degrees Celsius, this did not bring comfort to the passengers. Some of them even became unwell because of the heat in the plane but were professionally attended by the cabin attendants. They were offered water but the situation was also explained to them.

Once the aircraft returned to Suriname, the cabin crew dealt with the aviation authorities which in turn gave full cooperation and acted in a professional and correct manner. DAE is extremely grateful for the cooperation received by the Suriname aviation authorities. The problem was then fixed and the flight was then continued without any problems to Curacao.

At no moment at all the safety of the passengers and crew were at risk since the small issue with the valve did not affect this. The issue was more against the comfort of the passengers during the flight.

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