Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2013

DAE’s operation into Venezuela has been temporarily and arbitrarily suspended by INAC

DAEWILLEMSTAD, CARACAS - DAE's operation into Venezuela has been temporarily and arbitrarily suspended due to what DAE regards as a violation of the bilateral agreement between the countries.

INAC (Venezuela Civil Aviation Authority) conducted several ramp inspections on DAE aircraft. None of the findings were no go items and all fell within the aircraft MEL, aircraft manufacturer acceptable limits or not applicable to the aircraft and relayed as findings by inspectors simply not familiar with the aircraft.

Although DAE has received stamped copies of its response letters to these ramp inspections  has operated the aircraft well beyond the requisite response deadlines (one inspection dates back to 2011) in a safe manner (in fact, the aircraft in question is currently in C check) with no communication from INAC regarding the merits of the responses, INAC today alleges there were no responses and because of that there is an effect on safety so great that an immediate suspension is warranted.

DAE rejects this unsubstantiated claim on the part of INAC and asserts its aircraft are airworthy, have been inspected by the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and are in absolute capacity to carry out their functions safely and legally.

INAC accuses DAE of failing in its schedule to Venezuela while at the same time refusing to allow additional aircraft to be added to the list of registered aircraft  already been accepted by the CAA. As an example, DAE recently added Falcon's 3 MD's (N registered no less) and additional ATR's that could be protecting the schedule should an aircraft become unable to complete the flight. All paperwork for the addition of these aircraft were completed months ago with no response from INAC.

DAE views this lack of response, the arbitrary suspensions and the denial of DAE's responses to the ramp inspections as being founded in interests alien to any legitimate concern for safety or the protection of the flying public. DAE asserts there is not a single justifiable or legitimate explanation for this suspension other than a targeted intention to damage DAE's commercial interests in Venezuela.

DAE challenges INAC to inspect any DAE aircraft under an independent framework and find a legitimate safety concern represented by a gross or intentional violation DAE's manuals or the aircraft operating/maintenance manuals.

DAE has begun action to protect its employees and its commercial interests by calling upon the CAA to demand from the INAC a clarification if the issues, adherence to the bilateral agreement between the countries through the acceptance of the additional airworthy aircraft already inspected by the CAA added to DAE's certificate and an immediate cancelation of the arbitrary suspension put in place by INAC.

DAE will pursue every option and remedies available to it in order to protect its passengers, its reputation, its employees both in Curaçao and Venezuela along with its commercial interests in Venezuela including but not limited to seeking compensation for damages from the Venezuelan state and anyone else found to be liable for losses to DAE as a result of any investigation.

DAE apologizes to its passengers for any inconvenience this may cause. However, DAE has aircraft that are airworthy and able to transport them safely and as intended when they purchased their tickets. Therefore, DAE views any interruptions to travel as directly related to INAC's arbitrary, illegal and unscrupulous suspension. As a result of this force majure, DAE cannot provide alternative transportation, accommodations or meals that result from service interruptions. DAE stands ready to transport its passengers with DAE registered aircraft the moment the suspension is lifted.

DAE continue flying to all DAE destinations to and front Curacao , as Aruba ,Bonaire ,StMarteen ,Surinam ,Miami, Orlando and Santo Domingo .

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