Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2013

Dutch Antilles Express and Falcon Air looking at A320 and A319

airbus-a320-new-620WILLEMSTAD - "We are actively  looking at the Airbus for Dutch Antilles and Falcon Air,”  Ramiz confirmed.

"In my recent trip to USA, I  met with Airbus and General Electric who has offered Airbus A319 and A320 to Falcon Air Express and DAE. We have been working on this for several weeks now  and we are convinced that the Airbus will be the aircraft that will perform better for us. We are talking to start with two A320 for Falcon to be operated for DAE for the USA market and two A319 to be operated by DAE," Ramiz explained.

The challenge is the Category 2 issue and the limitations that we have to certified  the A319  in Curacao, but we are working in a solution with Airbus and GE and I feel that we are close to a solution that will allow DAE to operate the A319 using our  local crews and  mechanics,” Ramiz reiterated.

"The A320 are 2002 vintage and the A319 were build in 2006 both coming off from excellent operators, that have operated them and maintained them since new. We will enter into an agreement with  an experience proven operator that will provide maintenance and spare parts support to our Airbus while we get the necessary experience,” according to the DAE investor.

“This will be an important step for DAE. We will be able to provide a better more reliable service to our customers  while operating the most fuel efficient aircrafts in the industry. Just by flying what we are flying today, DAE will be saving more than 600 thousand dollars in fuel alone every month. But the real engine behind this decision is better service to our customers. The Airbus will also give us the range necessary to expand our network with new destinations,” Ramiz concluded.

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