Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2012

Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) will remain an Airline from Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - When asked If he will follow the other Curaçao Airline that established an airline in Aruba and is busy in the process of Certification in that Country for a new airline to bypass the limitations of Category 2, Ramiz is very clear; "Dutch Antilles Express is an Airline of Curaçao for Curaçao."

"We are not going anywhere. We are here to grow in Curacao, to provide security to every member of our family and to keep contributing by employing in Curacao. We are here to serve as the engine for Tourism and other Industries in Curacao. We are not moving to any place, we will remain here where because it’s where we belong. We are eager to work together with the Government of Curaçao to help elevate Curaçao to Category 1,” Ramiz stated emphatically.

"In October of 2012 we met with CCAA Director and her staff of inspectors and volunteered ourselves to be the first airline to enter the re-certification process.  We informed the Director that DAE was willing to start the process immediately by introducing our re-certification team and summit our commitment letter. That is the first step in any re-certification. We do understand the limitations that the CCAA has, therefore with joy we welcome the Minister of Transportation’s announcement that Curaçao will be assisted by the Netherlands. Our offer stands, DAE is willing and able and will dedicate its resources to help in whatever we are asked to contribute to take Curaçao to Category 1,” Ramiz declared.

"If any employee of the airline that is establishing itself in Aruba feels threaten, come to DAE and join our family. We are hiring pilots and flight attendants for our MD83 operations with Falcon. We will arrange for training and FAA license, we are also hiring MD83 A&P license mechanics, ATR and Fokker pilots. We will arrange for type rating. We are also hiring passenger handling, ramp staff and administration personnel. So don't feel threaten if in the airline that you are working today is moving part of its operation to Aruba. Come and join us, you will see the difference,” Ramiz concluded.

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