Published On: Wed, Mar 26th, 2014

Employees telling the truth about Tiara Air

tiaraORANJESTAD - Ok to clear things up, let’s start from the top. It is true that there are key personnel missing, including but not limited to a Chief Pilot and a Flight Operations Manager (has been absent for 3 months), therefore the company is operating ILLEGALLY.

As for the necessary staff that is not true because most of the staff they got rid of are on the operations side (including pilots and cabin). As for the Boeing 737 let it be known to the public that 80% of the pilots that fly the aircraft are foreign (they are being paid).

About the point of the reduction in staff. Tiara did not reduce its staff from 130 to 85. Some of the employees quit and went to other airlines after not receiving 2 months’ salary (Jan-Feb). The CEO decided to come up with leave of absence in March stating the employees will go home on a 6 months leave with no pay effective March 1st and will receive Jan and Feb salaries some time down the line basically saying you'll sign a leave and still not get paid. Believe it or not, most of the employees didn't sign the leave of absence, which means they are still on payroll but simply not working. The employees are now owed 3 months’ salary + delay worth 90%.

As for the aircrafts in maintenance, one airplane has been down since December and the work has yet to begin on it and the other went down in February and work has not started on it yet as well. Furthermore, they have no engines for the airplanes because they had them on lease and this was not paid. The lessor repossessed the engines earlier this month. This is the truth about Tiara Air, not what's being told to the media.

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