Published On: Thu, Aug 21st, 2014

Heerenveen: “Suriname seeks confrontation with Aruba and Curacao”

Edward HeerenveenWILLEMSTAD – According to the director of of Internation Affairs of the local aviation company Insel Air, Edward Herenveen, Suriname is seeking a confrontation with Aruba and Curacao. He made this statement in an interview with the Surinamese newspaper De Ware Tijd. Meanwhile Insel Air Aruba has contacted the Minister of Transport, Otmar Oduber, to inform them of the problems that the airline faces in Suriname. The minister said on Tuesday that Insel Air Aruba does not have the necessary papers yet to enable them to operate direct flights on this route. The Aruban news site interviewed the Aruban Minister of Transportation, Otmar Oduber and he said that the request to operate this route was still pending. The Minister indicated that he was not asked to mediate in this matter.

According to, Oduber was unwilling to comment on the possibility that Insel Air could cause a conflict between the two countries. However, the director of Insel Air Curacao stated that he will "boycott" the direct flight Aruba-Suriname, if the South American country refuses their flight once again. Oduber said that the airline cannot do this.

In de Ware Tijd, Heerenveen states that Insel Air has all the necessary official documents, and that the arrangement of the Surinamese government is motivated only to protect Surinam Airways. The fact that the Surinamese government has forced Insel Air to operate the route Aruba-Suriname through Curaçao has brought additional costs with it. Heerenveen stated in the Surinamese newspaper that they will recover this loss from the government of Suriname.

The latest report on this issue is that the aeronautical authorities in Aruba say that Insel Air may not fly to Suriname yet. The application of Insel Air is still pending. This is according to Minister Otmar Oduber of Tourism in Oranjestad. With this statement, the Aruban Minister opposes Insel Air’s declaration and supports Suriname.

According to Suriname, Insel Air interprets the existing aviation rules wrong, and can only fly to Paramaribo if the flight starts in Curaçao.

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