Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

IDAC threatens property embargo on PAWA Dominicana

pawaSANTO DOMINGO - The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), warned that it will be supported by all legal means available to recover the 7.8 million dollars which airline PAWA Dominicana owes to the State, for various services.

“We will make use of all the legal means at our disposal, so that PAWA Dominicana will honor the payment of the multimillion-dollar debt that it has with the IDAC, the Civil Aviation Board and other government agencies,” said Alejandro Herrera, director of IDAC, who also said that the problem of the hundreds of passengers stranded in the country was solved.

Since January 28, PAWA Dominicana has been suspended from flying for 90 days from and to several destinations, due to the JAC's provision against the debts of the airline. Herrera warned that until PAWA Dominicana fulfils its financial commitments, it will not be able to fly to and from Havana, Cuba, Venezuela, San Martin, Aruba, Curaçao, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami.

He stated that the authorities do not rule out the possibility of seizing the airline's assets in the country if it does not comply with the payment of the debt within the term granted by the Civil Aviation Board (JAC). He said that the authorities have all the legal support, to execute the embargo, if necessary.

The director of the IDAC indicated that PAWA Dominicana, besides having to comply with the payment to the Dominican State, private airport service companies, must also return the money to more than 17 thousand passengers who bought tickets from the airline and who are affected for the suspension of its operations.

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