Published On: Wed, Nov 28th, 2012

Nelson Ramiz: Edward Heerenveen of Insel Air does not like competition and is a big mouth

When asked about what Edward Heerenveen mention in the press about the legality of the 7 flights to Suriname, Mr. Ramiz had the following to say about his comments.

“DAE is not doing anything illegal. Our attorneys have reviewed the bilateral between the two countries and found a way to do it. The other three frequencies granted by Minister of Transport, Communication and Tourism of the Republic of Suriname, Mr. Falisie Pinas were given following those same bilateral agreements. I assume that Mr. Heerenveen did not put thinking in his comments just like he has done before.

If he thinks that our flights to Suriname are illegal, let him go to court. He has taken us to court many times before and has not succeeded in stopping DAE. It’s not the first time that when Mr.Heerenveen does not get his way he will go to the media and start complaining about DAE, he’s a big mouth. I really don’t care much what he says. I have way too much work to be preoccupied with his comments. Every time we announce a new destination or more frequencies, Mr. Heerenveen and his company starts attacking DAE. I guess they don’t like competition,” Ramiz declared.

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