Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

Onno de Swart wins case against Aruba Airlines

de-swartORANJESTAD – According to a court ruling, seen by Curaçao Chronicle, the Aruban aviation company Aruba Airlines has been ordered to pay its former CEO Onno de Swart 172.000 guilders. With this ruling, the court rejects the airline’s petition to halt the immediate payment of this amount as ruled in April of this year. The term specified by the court for this payment expired last week Wednesday.

During the time when De Swart had problems with the other shareholders of the company his bank account where this money was deposited was closed. The airline closed all their accounts to open a new one. But the money was under De Swart’s name.

In March 2016 the court ruled in favor of Aruba Airlines to dismiss the CEO. According to De Swart, he accepted this because if the shareholders have problems with the CEO, then the CEO has to go. But he wanted his money. This did not take place and he filed a lawsuit against the airline in April this year. De Swart won this case, and Aruba Airlines was ordered to pay De Swart his money in 120 days.

Aruba Airlines, through its lawyer, appealed this decision in April, citing the tough financial situation of the company.

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