Published On: Fri, Feb 1st, 2013

Ramiz: Insel Air’s plans are pure propaganda

WILLEMSTAD – Curacao Chronicle spoke with Mr. Ramiz about Insel Air’s plan to build a new hangar at the Curacao airport. Mr. Ramiz’ reaction was that it is pure propaganda and on top of it they don’t know what they are talking about.

“For an airline to have a repair station  and for it to make financial sense they must have at least 20 aircrafts but even with 20 aircraft they will end up paying double for any job. It is recommended to outsource heavy aircraft checks on airlines with less than 20 aircraft. Secondly they have 3 types of aircrafts, all old aircrafts that are used less and less around this area.”

“No one will send aircraft to be repaired on a repair station that is not FAA approved. The only way an airline will make money with a repair station is if they are able to attract business from other airlines. Personally I see it very difficult that they will bring their aircraft to a repair station so close to the sea because it is highly corrosive and humid. The salaries in Curaçao are very high compare to those in Colombia, Costa Rica and San Salvador, so their man hour will be higher.  It is very difficult to find qualified mechanics so Insel Air will have to attract them with even higher salaries and benefits. It takes many years to become a good mechanic,” Ramiz added.

“Logistics to import parts or send parts for an aircraft to be overhauled will be a nightmare. It is very difficult to compete with Aeroman in San Salvador, Coopesa in Costa Rica, Avianca and others in Colombia which are qualified by the FAA, These stations have been certified to perform series of checks and overhaul on all types of aircrafts like for example Airbus and new generations 737’s. The repair stations have always been eating at each other so my message to them is good luck. I personally think that this news was good to buy some  media coverage but I doubt they will get anywhere,” Nelson Ramiz concluded.

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