Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2013

Since April 15 fly to Orlando Florida directly only with Dutch Antilles Express (DAE)

DAE landing in OrlandoWILLEMSTAD - On April 15th DAE made flying to Orlando Florida faster and easier by flying direct from Curacao.  With a direct flight three times a week Monday, Friday and Sunday with a very low introductory fare of $289 round trip.

"There is no reason now not to fly to Orlando for entertainment for the whole family and for shopping !!!!!!!!" a very Happy Ramiz announced.

"Again DAE proved that we are committed to Curacao and its people. We are committed to the tourist industry as well as to the development  and  the economy of Curacao. We have been working very actively with the Curacao Tourist Board (CTB) in promoting Curacao as a destination in Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Houston. We are convinced that tourism from the U.S. will increase if we provide them with direct flights to Curacao. Curacao has been in a disadvantage position against Dominican Republic and other neighboring islands by mainly depending in a U.S. major airline to develop that market ,but that airline only comes here from its main hub in Miami. I believe, and the most resent market studies confirm it ,that if we fly additional flights from Miami (dedicated to the USA tourist market not to the Venezuelan nationals flying to Miami and Venezuela) and if we fly to other destinations in Florida known as cities where northern USA residents run away from the snow and cold weather of the North  and with a large population of themselves we can bring additional tourist to Curacao. There is no reason why USA can't become the largest and most important market to Curacao replacing the Netherlands . Curacao  has much to offer and it is being marketed extensively in the USA. The only thing limiting it is that the airlift from USA. No anymore ,DAE is committed ,ready and able to contribute to the developing of the USA market. We can offer through our association with Falcon Air Express a USA  121 Airline Certified and under the oversight of the FAA and DOT what no other local carrier can offer. DAE can become the air bridge for Curacao, the hotels and the whole tourist industry of Curacao to the largest and most lucrative market in the world .........we are ready and enthusiastic, our engines are in full speed,” Ramiz said with a smile.

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