Published On: Mon, Nov 26th, 2012

Where do they prepare the airplane food? The dirty truth about several of its origins

In the U.S., the FDA has identified more than 1,500 health violations at catering companies working with airlines.

If you have to describe in one word the airplane food (at least the one that is served in economy class) most will agree that this is bad, flat. However, the taste (or lack thereof) should not be the only, and probably not the main thing that should concern you. Do you know where it’s being prepared? Are you sure that it is in optimum health condition? Following an investigation, the ABC program "20/20" revealed that in the last 4 years, researchers from the FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the United States) have identified more than 1,500 violations of health companies involved in catering for airlines. This rate "exceeds the rate of problems the FDA found investigated in any other industry." Problems include areas in the kitchen which are dirty, moldy food, cooks who do not wash their hands before preparing stews and even cockroaches were found and even rats. For example, at the headquarters of the multinational U.S. Gate Gourmet (company that has provided services to several of the most famous airlines) FDA found "live mosquitoes too numerous to be counted, employees with dirty hands manipulating food products stored in temperatures that are inadequate. "Is this a threat to public health?”

The inspector Roy Costa says that this is "a time bomb" and that the food intake in these kinds of conditions can "make people sick or worse." Meanwhile, the company Gate Gourmet, said that "none of FDA observations poses a threat to public health.” Also, the companies involved said that for them the very serious health issue and the problems the FDA found were fixed immediately.

The question here is how where do they prepare the airline food in Curacao? Is this being checked? If so, who does it? It is good for the two major airlines in Curacao, Insel Air and Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) to request the Health Authorities (GGD) to do an inspection on the company in charge of airline food. It must be a regular inspection just like with local restaurants and snack bars.

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