Published On: Mon, Dec 15th, 2014

A little dog on three legs

IguanaAlthough he opened a bit, his eyes again, but he didn't eat nor drink so it was time for us to visit the vet. There is one in Julianadorp which is specialized in Iguana's we were told. Two days ago driving at noon on the traffic filled Schottegate Weg near Zuiker tuin we saw him laying bloody in midst of the road. Looking into the rear mirror it seemed to me he had just moved a bit. We stopped the car and looked after him. Indeed the poor fellow was still alive and we took him with us.

The vet's office was busy on this Saturday. A lady with her three cats was waiting and a gentleman looked worried down on his dog lying in front of him. A young, friendly guy looked after us and smiled upon opening our big box. A relative of this one looked this morning out of my toilet, he said smiling. You need to look for a new apartment, I advised him right away. Yeah, something wrong with the drainage system., he had phoned his landlord already. What did you do with the Iguana? I carried him outside through the door, he explained laughing.

From a cage in the corner came a deeply saddened barking. After a while the vet's assistant found time and released this dog. Happily – secured with a leach – it jumped along us on three legs. “It somehow still doesn't realize that it misses one leg”, the assistant said. The little black dog looked at us with friendly eyes being for sure one of those who makes friends easily. What happened to her? “A cop shot her this week”, the assistant explained sourly. Ooh no, I said while my eyes filled with tears. Actually, I had read the news: this lovely little dog was shot by its neighbor which works as a cop. But nowhere it was told that it had therewith lost its leg! So senseless through the aggression of its neighbor – an active police officer! Through someone who should be trained to protect us from crime, but instead is creating such a devastating horror! Later the dog laid happily on the floor while its temperature was checked so used to the procedure that it didn't move at all. Only as the wind bangs shut the door it jumps up and looks frightened for a second as it would have had heard a shot.

“His jaw is broken. But I can fix it and will bring down his inflammation, which doesn't allow him to eat or drink”, says the friendly lady vet and is pointing out the dark redness in his throat. So we leave the Iguana for at least one week in her competent hands.

Therefore, if you see an Iguana laying on the road please check on him, he might be still alive and the vet able to save his live! And please write to the police chief that this cop must be held responsible for crippling his neighbors little dog!

The picture shows the injured Iguana waiting for his transport to the vet.

By Marry Simpson

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