Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

ABC islands and sanctions imposed from Venezuela – the real reason for this!

maduroAs you may have noticed the illustrious president of Venezuela mr. Maduro has ordered a freeze on commercial activity between the ABC islands and Venezuela.
Reason for this is the supposedly big contraband there is between Venezuela and the ABC islands.
The real reason is that he (PDVSA) is being kicked out of all three islands.
1. Aruba.
The former government of Aruba ( they just had an election) signed an agreement with the directors of Citgo to renew and operate the refinery in Aruba.
Now all of these directors are in Jail in Venezuela under orders of Maduro himself.
The government of Aruba is at a crossroad and doesn't really know what to do.
The new head of Citgo who is a mayor suspect in many corruption cases in Venezuela has recently declared they may move the head offices from the USA to Aruba. Are they running from future possible runins with the law in the US?
Reality is that they are at least 9 months late in  executing all the promises they made to the island of Aruba.
Strike 1.
2. Bonaire.
Bonaire is now an integral part of the Dutch Kingdom. 
PDVSA has leased the oil terminal there for at least a decade and has not done any maintenance of the facilities.
The Dutch government has given them till February to remedy this , but most likely they will be asked politely to leave by next month.
The Dutch do not play games around safety issues.
There was even a little strike last week when the workers realized that PDVSA is on the way out and wanted answers to the many questions left unanswered.
Strike 2.
3. Curacao.
We all know the history of the refinery of Curacao. The local governments have been trying every way to get an answer from Venezuela to what is going to happen when their lease expires in 2019.
A local prime minister even went to Venezuela about 2 years ago and was simply ignored.
The debacle of GZE has the government desperate looking for other potential partners, but still hasn't had any answers from PDVSA despite numerous attempts on every level possible.
Strike 3.
As you can see PDVSA has 3 strikes going against him and will be OUT
in the next year or so.
All the commotion Maduro is trying to stir up is simply a smokescreen for the troubles he is facing in the current year on the ABC islands.
Please do your own investigative research and you will see that the above is the reason for all the so called sanctions Maduro is trying to impose on us.
By Jaime A. J. Sprock MSc.

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