Published On: Fri, Sep 21st, 2018

America’s Got Talent in Curacao

glennis-grace-finale-agt-1537335269Glennis Grace reached on Tuesday, September 18th the finale America’s Got Talent (AGT). She wins the audience but didn’t get the highest vote score from the public for the win. The forty-year-old singer was one of the ten finalists of the talent show. In the final of AGT the singer released the song ‘Run’, a cover of Snow Patrol. The song is also sung by Leona Lewis. Then the audience could vote. The next day on Wednesday the ballot boxes were closed.

On Tuesday evening Glennis Grace sang the song 'Run' and she had a tremendous impact on the audience. She received a standing ovation from the audience and the jury. Simon Cowell, a judge on the jury said: ‘this is the greatest night. It was an immaculate performance’. The judges, Heidi Klum found that Glennis sang "flawlessly" and Mel B said, "You can really sing!" Howie Mandel added: "I know you already have a great career in your country, but this platform gives you access to the rest of the world." I loved it! " All the judges agree that Glennis already has a career in Europe, but AGT gives her a much broader career opportunity to the world that she never had before.

Glennis came back on again on Wednesday. She sang a duet with the 29-year-old singer Bebe Rexha. The Albanian-American singer broke through internationally the song ‘with Me, Myself and I’ in 2016 and scored a hit in the same year with In the name of love, a collaboration with Martin Garrix. Glennis Grace sang with Bebe Rexha the song ‘Meant to be’, which the pop singer released early this year. Glennis Grace and Bebe Rexha received a resounding applause from the jury. The reactions to social media were also unanimous: "A world class act." The American viewers showed online that they loved Glennis singing. "She sang better and more professional than Bebe Rexhe."

In May of this year, it was announced that Glennis Grace was going to participate in the popular America’s Got Talent show. Her audition was on view at the end of June. In the earlier rounds of the program Glennis impressed with the song Nothing Compares ‘2 U’ by Prince and the song ‘Never Enough’ from the film ‘The Greatest Showman’. During her first audition, Glennis ‘Run to You’ a song from Whitney Houston. Glennis is a singer with roots in Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean. She belongs to the so-called Diaspora Curacao. These are people whose ancestors came from Curacao, but who now live in many different parts of the world. She is born in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Her real name is Glenda Hulita Elisabeth Batta, a native name. Her father is from Curacao.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday the results of the talent show were announced. The singer of Amsterdam was not among the top five. Before the results were announced, there was the first selection. Of the ten finalists, five remained who still had the chance to get fiercely coveted win. In the end, it went between illusionist Shin Lim and the acrobats group Zurcaroh. The magician was declared the winner after a long wait. Shin Lim, the winner of the thirteenth season of AGT, which was announced one day after the final, will take off with one million dollars and a show in Las Vegas. "This has been a journey that has changed my life," Glennis wrote shortly before the final on her Instagram page. "Whatever happens in the next few hours, America's Got Talent has given me the stage I needed to show myself in the United States."

By Sharnon Isenia, Willemstad Curaçao

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