Published On: Thu, Apr 7th, 2016

Animal cruelty right in front of everyone’s eyes in Punda – Cruise ship passengers don’t want to see it?

Iguana manNeedless to say that no proper minded tourist want's to see the guy having two iguanas on his shoulders while enjoying the old architecture of Punda. But I also see a police agent walking by who doesn't care at all what happens to these animals. Sadly, he is used to this guy whom he sees every day and an iguana might in his eyes not be worse to be protected against cruelty. Fact is, these wild animals the guy enslaved are looking more dead than alive. Are clearly weak, non fed and have their claws removed and most likely also their legs broken as their legs hang pretty lifeless. These poor creatures can't defend themselves in no way any longer.

I consider Curacao a civilized society. Shell has started to educate people over here already many decades ago, has established a welfare system and tonnes of subsidized dutch cheese has been eaten over time. As well there are so many SUV'S on the road only comparable to a big American city. It can't be that Curacao has in regard to animal care a third world standard! So it can't be that one closes all eyes and let's the one single guy go on to torture these animals day after day just for his very own pleasure and profit!

Once again I spoke today to many Cruise ship passengers and not a single one wants to see something like this going on. Some even told me: “It leaves a bad taste of Curacao in their mind!” And others spoke out what many thinks: “This isn't a third world standard rather this is no standard at all!”

Today someone phoned 917 as this guy needs to be stopped by some kind of legal interference. Please, for the sake of these poor tortured iguanas who have to work for this guy until he throws them away, go ahead and phone this newly installed “animal police” too, anonymity guaranteed.

By Marry Simpson

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