Published On: Wed, Nov 27th, 2013

APK (Association of Christian Pastors) says that homosexuality can be cured???

Arthur DonkerWednesday there was a great letter to the editor in the Antilliaans Dagblad from Rob van Buiren (Sick and Healthy) about the statements made by APK regarding next year’s Gay Pride Parade and all the political questions surrounding it.

The last time Mrs. Raveneau tried everything possible to stop it and has engaged now heavy material to stop all that homosexual doings and now there is a group of paranoid, hypocritical, bible waving pastors saying that they “strongly” believe that the Gay Pride Parade a pretext is to promote homosexuality and by doing so to try to legalize homosexual marriage.

They are convinced that homosexuality can be cured! Now I don’t know if they watch that devilish television, but there is a movement in the U.S. saying that they can cure homosexuality by beating them till they’re cured, the only thing is that it works just like the guarantee in some Hindu stores here, till the door, because that feeling you can’t beat it out of somebody! They’re homo or they’re not!

But one thing I don’t understand these are people who for years have studied theology and should know better than to make such stupid remarks, knowing that we may not discriminate, that the first human rights law says that we are all equal regardless of race, color, religion or creed.

Obviously it does not apply to them because they are used to twist everything, including the Bible, to make it fit their purposes.
They are the good guys and the homos and lesbians are “sick”, how narrow minded can you be?

Expressions like these started a movement of Atheists in the States that have now churches where they get together because they don’t believe these “campfire stories” and are on a realistic tour.

They have these giant billboards along the highways debunking all lies, myths, superstitions written in the Bible. No wonder they are scared, because what they used in the past was to scare people and by doing that keep them dumb and ignorant and by doing so become very rich, nowadays it does not work anymore because if you can’t Google it, it simply does not exist!

And they see it coming, the new high-tech generation is too realistic to believe in these campfire stories and live for today and don’t care about the afterlife or hell or heaven or what the preacher has to say, because they are specialist in preaching for hours and saying nothing.

Funny thing is every time I read about a priest/pastor that molested kids or took the collection box to a strip club, or suddenly discovered that they’re homosexual, you won’t hear that they’ll be “cured or converted”, they usually are relocated elsewhere where they can continue doing whatever they were doing!

More and more people are “coming out of the closet” because we can respect and understand them better because we have more and more information about the “disease” of these infidels and do not understand what all this hoopla is about!

Don’t forget that this Gay Pride Movement started not to celebrate “being gay”, but because the homosexuals were being persecuted and discriminated and they had to stand up for their rights and had to unite to be stronger.

Be glad that we don’t need to start a “straight” movement because we’re being persecuted and discriminated for defending our rights to be straight.
So, stop discriminating, you don’t want to be discriminated either, and if you still want to quote the Bible, it says “Love thy neighbor”, try that for a change before you persecute and discriminate him or her because of his or her nature.
I keep laughing on this rock because, they panic already while the parade is planned for next year!

Arthur Donker

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