Published On: Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

Arrindell: “Suzy Camelia-Römer must resign”

ArrindellVVRP Minister Suzy Camelia-Römer must resign from her post immediately for not tending to the safety of the flying passenger and for not taking measure to get Curacao out of Cat 2 rating.

It is a horrible feeling, you suddenly realize that you cannot get your business going if you do not accept the terms and conditions of a control system that they can give you, as soon as you challenge that condition of the system of Minister Camelia-Römer, and if you attempt to be the radical who changes the views of other people then the machine of Minister Camelia-Römer will work against you even if it means to kill a country's economy and circumvent aviation safety

For the past 2 years, we have been fighting for the Ava Airways Economic Authority in Curaçao whereby Minister Suzy Camelia-Römer was blocking and protecting her friends at InselAir.  Today we are learning that the Minister is now considering to put her friends' interest above aviation safety.

The Minister has demonstrated that she is the worst Minister in the history of the Dutch Caribbean Governing over aviation matters in Curaçao. Now the Minister is planning to downsize the requirements to become an airline pilot in Curaçao so that InselAir could hire non-qualifying pilots from Venezuela and other places.  Where does safety fit into this plan of the Minister?

I hate to say but our team has been right from day one in regards with its predictions.  Minister Suzy Camelia-Römer keeps allowing her friends to abuse and disregard the international and Curaçao aviation laws and neglect the citizens of Curaçao and St. Maarten of proper and safe air transportation.

Passengers on an InselAir flight to Barranquilla, Colombia were forced to spend a 24 hour at Hato Airport at the end of last week, the same matter happened again day in and day out and continue to happen today.  Apparently, the plane was not able to land in the Colombian city due to the weather and had to return to Curaçao.  Every time there is a problem at InselAir there is always an issue with weather and not with personnel. The truth is InselAir does not have pilots and has a major issue with aircraft breakdown.

The flight delays, according to the airline, are still caused by a shortage of pilots for the Fokker 50 and MD80, my question is where did they get the weather issue from?

It is just time to say goodbye to the old and lets work with the new.

By Olivier Arrindell
Chairman AVA Airways


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