Published On: Wed, Feb 3rd, 2016

At the end of an old rope you tie a new one

fresh bloodThree couples, all younger than 40, from Curaçao and have been living on the island for years, this month will say goodbye to their beloved place. One of them, a Dutch couple will return to the Netherlands, because the man cannot find a job. One of the couples is returning, because the man found a better job in the Netherlands and the third couple will return, because their business cannot continue to grow here in Curaçao. (The last couple reminded me of myself. When my business in the Free Zone could not continue to grow, I moved and continued in the States).

The departure of these three couples shows us once more that Curaçao does not occupy itself with its own people and does not create the opportunity for the youth to stay and for them to get a job.

Current and past governments are at fault. They don’t expedite permits fast enough, everything is a bureaucracy, one small step at a time. The government is not handing out lands or give the people the land when they need it. They safeguard job instead of creating new opportunities to create jobs. They have failed with the Development Bank. The government has failed to give young entrepeneurs the opportunity to start their own business and so I can continue with a long list of failures.

Let’s put our hands together. Let’s unite. Those who have been on the seats for too long move so young people can get a chance. Those who have retired, help the youth with your experience. Let’s do something now!

We have to turn Curaçao into a different direction, shake it so all rotten apples will fall off. In the coming election, we need to get rid of those who are now in government and change them for honest and capable people.

Common Curaçao, get up. Focus on the future.

Help me. Together we can.

Andres Casimiri

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