Published On: Thu, Jan 15th, 2015

Blood vengeance

Jacob Gelt DekkerThe Prophet Mohammed was avenged, shouted the terrorists of the Paris assassination bloodbaths. Supposedly, the wrath over the insult of Mohammed, or his god Allah, was paid off with the lives of 17 Parisians.

In today’s world economy one cannot buy even a loaf of bread in exchange for a human life and certainly not a dead one. Nevertheless, many faithful are convinced that gods insist on payment in human lives; it is believed that divine currency is human lives.

Such believes are not exclusive to Muslims. The Christian faith is built on the belief that their god could only be appeased over the insult of all human sins, by the blood sacrifice of his human son, Jesus. All three faiths, Jews, Christians and Muslims sing high praises over the blood sacrifice by arch-father Abraham of his son. Ripping out the quivering hearts of tens of thousands of Mayas and Aztecs on the steps of the Sun and Moon temples would appease their gods and withhold them from the wrath that would destroy the world. Many religions demand human sacrifice from hateful gods, who appear to be hungry for human lives.

Paying in retribution with dead humans is a common practice in the world of religion, but democratic and parliamentary laws do not allow it. In the Christian West, it took hundreds of years before human law, now mostly wrought by parliamentary democracies, took over from dogmatic, religious theocracy. What the Pope, as archaic remnant of the Christian theocracy that once ruled Europe and the world, declares today is no longer relevant, parliamentary laws prevail.

Any Abraham today, who tries to sacrifice his son because he heard voices, will be imprisoned, sent for psychiatric evaluation and may receive the death sentence in a court of law.

Billions of people around the world still believe in a god, in divine destiny and godly super natural powers, but in the West, they are no longer allowed to act on it beyond the laws of the land, the human laws. Freedom of expression and religion may be precious, but not freedom of expressing religiously inspired acts that are in conflict with the human law.

Some Muslim communities announced publicly that they condemned the terrorist acts, but not one single Islamic country issued a warrant for the arrest of the guilty, not Turkey, not Syria, not Iraq, not Lebanon, not Palestine, not Yemen, not Saudi Arabia, not Iran, none of them. They all condone and allow religious, theocratic law to prevail over human law. Yes, the Muslim countries, and especially those adhering to sharia law support the killings, they support the retribution of the insult to their perceive god to be paid in the currency of dead humans.

Placing god’s law above human law is the very core of the issue and all the fierce bloody battles in the Middle East. The killings will not stop as long as billions of Muslims adhere to theocracy and condemn democracy.

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