Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2013

CAP gives preferences to American Airlines

Curacao AirportAlthough the locals are the main sources of direct income for the numbers of landings, parkings, and indirect real estate because the local airlines are the great generator of passengers who pays facility charges, transfer fees and generate millions of dollars a year to concessionaries who in turn have to pay a commission to CAP, which according to them, holds back 20% of CAP’s revenue. And know that here any percentage represents millions of dollars.

But it seems that for CAP, local airlines and their passengers are third category. Let’s see.

Last Sunday an American Airlines aircraft covering flight of 8am after departure was returned because of a mechanical failure. The flight was delayed nine hours but that's not the case, it can happen to anyone. The problem is that the aircraft, when it returned to the airport, was sent to bridge for passengers to disembark. Even this is still normal. The abnormal thing is that AA aircraft remained there at gate number one for hours. When this happens to local airlines, they are removed immediately. We do not know if it is because the new CAP Director is American and he instructed his employees at Curacao Hato Airport that here American Airlines is owner and whatever they want has to be done. One local airline had 3 flights leaving at the same time, one coming from Venezuela. This airline had to dispatch its Suriname and Santo Domingo flight through the remote cargo area. Could it be that CAP is not interested in doing business with the National Airlines? Doesn’t CAP and its new Director know that the national airlines are the bread and butter for the airport and are generating more passengers every day, they have the most aircrafts departing and arriving at the airport? Is it because the Director and Operations Manager are foreign and everything national makes them itch? Or maybe the passengers, mostly nationals, are inferior and should be treated as third rate-passengers?

I was told that the local airlines demanded that the AA aircraft be removed from bridge one but the answer was "NO" . Did USA dominate? I think if we continue like this we will soon see how they will lower Curacao’s flag and raise the North American flag. Maybe AA feels blistered that it has an air base here?

In another article we will return to the issue of negotiated increases for services, which they tell me, is done in secret and in haste which casts suspicion and we will ask what are they doing with all that money's collected using a state concession. Unfortunately Curacao has the worst airport in the area.  Envy me every time I go to Aruba, St Maarten or Santo Domingo

CAP wake UP! Curacao Wake UP! I think parties should be looking at the suspension of the concession contract. This airport is from the people of Curacao. Are the interests of the people well represented? I'm from here and I think they are not!

An Airport Employee

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