Published On: Wed, Jan 29th, 2014


Jacob Gelt DekkerCoding is not taught by schools on Curacao and hardly elsewhere. In the next 5 years, the USA needs 1,4 million computing jobs, but it only has 400,000 computer science students. These jobs are in every state and in every industry. Only 1/3 of these jobs are in tech companies. The rest is in banking, manufacturing, retail, etc. So, one million jobs will have to be outsourced overseas. Yes, if there were qualified students on Curacao, they would get some of these highly paid online jobs. This is a US $ 500 billion opportunity, and a golden opportunity for all the Caribbean islands, only if they were to teach coding in their schools. The mismatch between school teachings and job market demand is growing more extreme. Every day. Whereas 60%of all new jobs are computing jobs, only 2% of all students in the USA enroll in computer science courses, simply because schools do not teach it! It gets even worse, of the sliver of 2% computer science students, only 15% are women, and only 8% are Hispanic or African Americans. Why?? Hadi Partovi, one of the founders of Facebook and many other successful internet companies lists three problems on his Blog;

“Real reason there aren’t more women in tech. 1. Computer science is not taught in (U.S.) schools 2. As an elective, a computer science course doesn’t contribute credits to graduation requirements 3. The nerd stereotype is proven to drive away women

Partovi decided to do something about it. “ I made more money than I will ever need for the rest of my life. So I will dedicate all my time, capital and effort to educate those who stay behind.“ Hadi started the website, and I invite you to go to that website and get your children, their teachers and your schools involved. You have nothing to loose, only to gain, and at no cost to you! A golden future is waiting for you. Oh, yes, you will have to study for it!!


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