Published On: Mon, Oct 22nd, 2012

Curacao Election 2012 was rigged by the Dutch Group and the Netherlands

This opinion was sent to us by one of our readers.

On Friday we had a new elections to select the new 21 Parliaments who were going to be seated. Because of the OIL and GAS situation in our AREA, the Dutch colonies Netherlands has for many years rigged the elections.

But many of the people who were in power knew this and and also knew about gas and oil which we have around Curacao. Most of them were set In those position are put there for their agendas.

In Nigeria it was also done by the same group to control the resources of oil and gas. As you had seen the last 2 Months we had some fears battle going on, and strange situations happening in all area which had to do with our local government. I will not go in detail, but you could see all those different plans which they came up with. By the request of the Netherlands Governments.

You would probably think that the elections would go smooth, and with out any evil deed or action of those group, that still want to get the oil and gas from US. Well as i said they will keep trying to do what they always do, Create deception and lies.

As i said most off those parties which were in the last years which were in power were set by Holland, and they have always rigged the election process.

This was also done, on Friday and the proof was in front of all of you all night, the media knew also the truth. I am not saying all of them are corrupt, there are many which don't want to say nothing because of loosing their jobs.

Look how many people were in some places to vote, in long lines, did you know where these people came from? Well the election group knew that we would know the truth because the volume off people they wanted to push threw was to much for some of the place where you had to VOTE.

Ask yourself were did PAIS get all those 15.000 votes, suddenly, was it a miracle !!

No it was rigged, they did not want Wiels and Schotte to get majority, and they have helped also PNP and MAN to stay in the parliament. Yes, MAN and PNP were also helped to stay there, so they would have some group to go against Pueblo Soberano. Wiels would think they would be good to join with, but when the time comes they will use them to deflect again like they did with MFK, and MAN.

You all must understand the truth, its a rigged election. as i said MAN, PNP, had also be out of the election, but they were helped by the group to stay in. Anyway I have done my best to tell the truth, all elections were always rigged.

Lets see whats is going to happen, if the public finds out, or would some one come out and tell the truth or expose what always happened  or was done.

Have a nice day,

Ronald Wederfoort


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