Published On: Wed, Sep 3rd, 2014

Curacao small island, big problems (part 6) – Who wanted to destroy Helmin Wiels?

SulbaranWiels continued to make enemies at home and abroad, denouncing everything from local corruption to the presence of the US Military installation, which he believed was used to control, not eliminate, the flow of drugs to the north. Wiels didn’t care about anything! He talked openly about corruption. He denounced Dutch rulers’ involvement with US military commanders to spy on neighboring Venezuela and organizing covert operations. The popular leader made enemies everywhere and more than one high profile individual and/or groups wanted to destroy him politically.

Dutch rulers wanted to eliminate Wiels. He was seen as an enemy to the Dutch State because of his anti-Dutch views and independence pledge. The Dutch intelligence was afraid of the convocation power Wiels held. They had no way to control Wiels as they did with political leaders from the past.

The so called “Black Jet Set” lead by Omayra Leeflang and “Grupo Sopi” lead by Alex Rosaria and Eugene Cleopha, wanted Wiels eliminated. Wiels started a hate campaign against black intellectuals calling them black jet set and house Negros. They all became victims of the character assassinations propagated by Wiels. Top officials, heads of departments, CEO’s of companies, fellow politicians and political leaders, were accused of crime, corruption, and fraud.

The rich elite lead by F.d.c.G. and J.G. wanted Wiels eliminated. Wiels was not afraid to throw barbs at the powerful Curaçao Business Association – VBC, accusing them of stealing from the poor, and money sharking. He mentioned companies and its owners, speaking openly about alleged corruption, drug trafficking and ties to the criminal underworld.

Corrupt US undercover agents wanted Wiels eliminated: US Intelligence knew Wiels was under influence of the Venezuelan Chavista regime. Wiels became an enemy of corrupt DEA agents operating from Curacao, when he was interviewed by a Venezuelan news station. “The American presence is not to combat drug trafficking,” Wiels told a Venezuelan broadcast news station “The American presence is to serve their policy on trafficking, on transit, it is there to say which drug, which cocaine shipment, can enter the United States and which one cannot.”

All of these high profile groups and individuals wanted Wiels politically destroyed. But none of them could afford to fulfill their ideas without damaging their own reputation or hurting their own business. Wiels was the leading politician on the island, and to the distress of his enemies, he was heading to an electoral victory (October 2012). No way! You can’t take someone like Wiels out, without causing an international crisis and public chaos.

Wiels’ enemies knew something had to be done to destroy his political integrity, same as was done against Gerrit Schotte. Obviously Wiels was a threat against strategic actions orchestrated by Dutch rulers and US Intelligence, but also against the political goals of his opponents. Obviously they started to consider to cross the intersection between Upper World and under World.

All of this coincides with the current strategy in U.S. intelligence agencies. Their main objective nowadays, is to achieve a desired outcome that is very visible, like overthrowing governments, killing political leaders, bribing government officials and destroying everything and everybody, deemed unacceptable to U.S.A. and their allies (In this case Dutch rulers).

Corrupt intelligence agents made a crucial contribution in the scam to eliminate Wiels politically. They planned everything in details, including a fraud to mislead Pueblo Soberano party members. A lucrative deal with pseudo investors, interested in investing in a new port facility, was presented. Very tempting for corrupt officials and greedy politicians, the temptation was almost irresistible.

At the same time several of the island’s leading politicians, were accommodated with lucrative jobs with legitimate businesses (Banking, Insurance, Trust Companies) and also with the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten. Others landed on the payroll of US Intelligence.

By Jorge Sulbaran

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