Published On: Mon, Mar 21st, 2016

Doctor Honoris Causa-degree at Caribbean International University

Schotte_DeStefanoIn November 2010, former Prime Minister of Curaçao Gerrit F. Schotte was awarded the degree of ‘Doctor Honoris Causa’ in honor of, as Mr. Gerrit F. Schotte phrases himself on his personal website, ‘his outstanding achievements in politics’.

Meanwhile however, Mr. Gerrit F. Schotte has been convicted to a three years sentence in jail for among others political bribery, money laundering and false declaration of theft of his diplomatic passport.

Being informed of the latter, will the Caribbean International University maintain this Doctor Honoris Causa-degree of Mr. Gerrit F. Schotte or will it be revoked?

I assume that current and future students at your university, as well as those that fund their studies, will be eager to know what level of ethics your university adheres to. I further assume that they will not be proud of graduating at an university that honors criminals.

If your university is not able to revoke said Doctor Honoris Cause-degree, may I suggest to change its title in Doctor Honoris Fraude?

By M. Smeets

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