Published On: Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

Downtown full of tourists while stores are closed

WillemstadLast Monday, after the big parade, the streets in downtown Punda were filled with tourists everywhere. Every corner of the main part of the city had visitors. Remarkably, all stores were closed, because it was a holiday. Even though it’s a holiday, it does not give a good impression of us to the tourists.

These cruise visitors were walking around without being able to buy anything. It’s not known yet what went wrong and why the stores were not able to open their doors for at least half of the day and offer their services to the visitors.

Hopefully the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) took note of this and will be able to do something about it in the future. On official holidays the stores can open their doors at least half day if there are cruise ships in town. This is an exception that they can make for the visiting tourists.

This is very important for the economy of the island and the tourism industry.

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