Published On: Wed, Aug 13th, 2014

Elections or no elections

dekker_0Yesterday, Ivar Asjes, Prime Minister of Curacao, lost the support of his own party, Pueblo Soberano, in parliament. All PS members of parliament voted against the bill presented by the Prime Minister. The parliamentary vote was only a protest vote against a bill that was part of an agreement between the EU and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and had already received support from all other members of the Kingdom, The Netherlands, Aruba and St. Maarten. Although the Prime Minister pleaded in parliament to pass the bill, parliament voted it down, supposedly not because of its contents but only out of protest, since it was proposed by The Hague.

The PS-party still advocates independence for Curacao of the Kingdom over the present autonomy, that was granted in 10-10-10 after a referendum. Supposedly, the PS-members of parliament found it worthwhile to cast a protest vote in spite of the fact that the bill will be implemented in the Kingdom anyway.

The big question is whether Asjes will be able to continue in his functions as leader of the PS party, and as Prime Minister. From the very first start, PM Asjes, was tied down in all his actions and initiatives by the assassination of his colleague, Helmien Wiels, and became a frustrated chief executive, unable to achieve with his government any efficacy the dull drums of governmental complacency.

Although one crisis after another built over the years, and the little island nation is, by all means, in dire trouble economically, and as victim of international organized crime, politicians still play silly games and appear to be totally out of touch with any reality; the seem to have different priorities than the welfare and well being of the islanders.

The big question that remains today is, will Asjes just shrug it off his defeat and continue his feeble, but well meant efforts, or will he walk out, build a new party and form a more powerful coalition?

It is hard to say, but in case he does, elections will be inevitable, after all Curacao is still a democracy and not just a chessboard of spoiled politicians.

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