Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2016

Export terrorism

dekker_0Fifty countries are sending a constant stream of home grown terrorists to Syria to fight on the side of ISIS, against President Assad’s Syria; the estimates range from 20-30,000. Born and raised in those countries, mostly as children of first and second generation immigrants, these home grown terrorists are amongst the most beastly killers the world has ever known.

According to media and intelligence reports at least 250 home-grown  terrorists came from the USA, 130 from Canada, 1,000 from Russia, 6,000 from Tunisia, 2,500 from Saudi Arabia, 5,000 from the small European countries and  1,800 from France, 760 from Germany,

600 from the UK. Indonesia sent at least 500  and thousands more came from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Maldives, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen etc..

Those who did not meet the rigorous criteria od ISIS were happily welcomed by El Nusra, Al Shahbab or Boko Haram, who are all popular employers for terrorists of western origin.

The finance for the deployment of these terrorists comes mostly from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, at the rate of two to three billion US dollars per year.

Most of the counties of origin of these terrorists do little or nothing to stop their citizens from joining the ISIS-war in Syria, to the contrary, many countries have awarded claims of continuation of welfare payments during the stay of their citizen-terrorists with ISIS.

Nothing would be easier and cheaper than to profile and isolate radicalized Islamic youth in the countries of origin, cut them off, and  stop them from joining ISIS’ killing forces. Unfortunately, local politicians shy away from such pursuits since they would have to introduce unpopular emergency laws, granting them powers to go after these home grown terrorists. After all, they are only would-be terrorists and have not committed any crime in their home country.

The situation changed somewhat when a group of Belgian terrorists killed 130 in Paris, last year.

Surprisingly, adhering to double morality, these home countries do join the anti-ISIS coalition with money and equipment, but refuse to supplement military efforts with boots-on-the-ground.

So the Middle East, and in particular Syria, has become a battle ground for disenfranchised Islamic youth of about 50 home countries.

The war theatre is extremely destructive, about 500,000 citizens of Syria were killed and entire towns and villages destroyed.

How very ironic that the local problem of home grown terrorism in 50 countries could neatly be exported to a remote Middle East area where it is fought out as a gladiators’  bloodbath in a Roman amphitheatre at the expense of the lives of countless Syrian citizens.

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