Published On: Mon, Dec 5th, 2016


dekker_0The ceremonial funeral of Fidel, today, marks the end of communism. From the Bolshevik Revolution, in November 1917, to the death of Castro, in November 2017, nearly exactly 100 years later, the age of communism is now closed. Karl Marx’s call: “'Workers of the world, unite!” appealed to the billions around the world. Factory workers felt victimized by a small elite of entrepreneurs and financiers and demanded at least equality. The solutions offered were, State Capitalism, and much more draconian, Extermination of all capitalists, the new vilified call-word for entrepreneurs. Authoritarian regimes and dictatorships would quickly and efficiently realize these objectives.

The balance at the end of 100 years of communism. 1. State Capitalism quickly became the most inefficient, incompetent and backward way to run a company. Plagued by extensive corruption, favoritism, and cronyism, State Companies ruined the economies of the USSR, China, and even Cuba; the "apparatchiks" became rich, the workers remained poor. 2. Inequality remained as it was. The money and power were now held by party bosses, and many of them amassed millions and billions in off-shore bank accounts, replacing the entrepreneurial class. 3. Extermination of the former elite was very successful. Josef Stalin personally ordered 62 million to the Death Camps, the Gulag in Siberia ( 1937-1952). By administrative order, and without trial, the victims were labeled, “ Enemy of the State.” Mao Zedong, China’s charismatic leader, was afraid of intellectuals, so he ordered a purge in 1972 and had 52 million people killed, simply because they were wearing glasses, could speak a foreign language, or had attended more than a few years of agricultural school, or factory floor training. Pol Pot of Cambodia eagerly followed the example of his charismatic world leader and had two million people beheaded because they wore glasses ( 1972). Cuba’s Fidel could not stay behind, and he and his brother relished in the murder of more than 80,000 locals; often, they participated in the executions themselves. The killing fields of North Korea are unknown yet, but you can be sure that they were equally successful.

4. Authoritarian regimes with outspoken dictators and tyrants were and are in power. Millions are duly following their leaders, not for the words they advocate, but for what they inspire with populism. We witnessed how Hugo Chavez in Venezuela developed from a liberator into a bloody tyrant, under the Flag of the Bolivarian-Cuban-Communist Revolution. In the end, he stole billions from his people, leaving them hungry and starving.

Conclusion: In real terms, most people under communist regimes have not improved their lives in a 100-years; inequality is more prevalent than before.

Last week, was a real eye-opener to witness people, who lauded the brutal tyrants, ignoring their misdeeds, or trying to offset those with other historical events. On the island, it was an assassinated political leader, and for him, his political followers who applauded Chavez and Castro, and even tried very hard to bring their killing fields to the island. Wiels, following the script of Chavez en Castro, threatened to kill all white entrepreneurs on the island “we already bought the body bags, and have them in inventory.”

By Jacob Gelt Dekker
Opinion columnist for Curaçao Chronicle

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