Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2016

From dogmas to human happiness

dekker_0Till the 1960's the purpose of man's life in the West was "to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." After the '60's, following Nietzsche's prediction, God died. The new purpose in life shifted to "pursuit of happiness." "We don't care what our children want to do or become in life, as long as they are happy," became the glorified credo of every parent in the West. With "humans" central in ethics, morals, and values, the new all-encompassing religion became " humanism." At first, pursuit-of-happiness of the individual was frowned upon as undesirable egocentrism, so pursuit-of-happiness became collective happiness of the community or socialism. Coal mining, steam engines, and mass production in cooperative settings, like in Russian, Cuban, and Chinese communism, was going to bring eternal happiness to a new human race. But it did not last long, and after 1989 when communism collapsed, pursuit-of-happiness and individualism merged into a new shape of humanism.

So, now we can sit at the dinner table with our children who all stare at their smartphone screens, and it is ok, "as long as they are happy!"

ISIS is demonstrating to the world that it does not care about personal happiness; only the will and happiness of Allah is determinate in their rhetoric. Day after day, they show their disdain for human life and happiness with incredible barbarism. Their warriors, most of them recruited from Western countries, eagerly snub humanism and rub western preoccupation with pursuit-of-human-happiness in their faces with the blood of horrendous atrocities, such as crucifixions, and beheadings. The nearly two million Middle-Easterners and Africans who fled to humanistic countries in Western Europe marked a major revolution within Islam, though; they voted with their feet and voted for humanism. So did the 20-40 million Muslims who migrated to Europe in earlier, non-emergency scenarios. Allah is on his deathbed and Muslims no longer want to be "slaves of God." They are eager to improve the future of their children and their level of happiness through consumption, Western style. It took the West over sixty years to move away from a divine, dogmatic epicenter of life and replace it with humanism; Islam may follow suit but quite a bit faster.

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