Published On: Wed, Oct 3rd, 2018

Gay Pride

Gay PrideThe Association of Christian Pastors wants to once again let the Curaçao people know that God's opinion and intention concerning the sexuality of people have not changed. The marriage is exclusively for a man and a woman, in accordance with the creation. This natural exclusivity is attacked and must be defended so that it will not be used later in our schools and curricula.

Under no circumstances should the education of our children be influenced by an unnatural ideology and contrary to empirical science, and certainly not by gay couples who cannot bring children into the world. God's design of the human body is the scientific proof that man is his identity and sexuality or man or woman.

The government has indicated several times that it has no fixed position regarding a gay marriage and has not campaigned, but nonetheless, the participation of ministers in the Gay Pride tells a different story - or is it under pressure? - but brings with it a huge polarization in the community.

There are so many testimonies of ex-homosexual men and ex-lesbians who have left their gay lifestyle and are now living happily married lives. The apostle Paul refers to this when he writes in 1 Corinthians 6 verse 9 'Do not leave God's way!'

People who advocate free sex, who engage in homosexual and pedophile practices, remain outside the Kingdom of God. Some of you have been like that before. You are now washed clean. You have been declared innocent.

By Chairman Pastor Saïd R. Flores, secretary Pastor Michael Look and treasurer Pastor Robin Lichtenberg on behalf of Asosashon di Pastornan Kristian, Curaçao

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