Published On: Thu, Aug 1st, 2013

Gossip & Insinuations

Arthur DonkerThat the whole island rotates around gossip and insinuations that’s something we all know, especially after the murder of Wiels, all of a sudden everybody knew who dunnit and who is family of who and knew more that the cops or the culprits themselves.
People that try to jack up their own fame, or to feel more important will invent things to try to stay in the limelight or to jack their pathetic popularity even if it’s at the cost of dragging people that have nothing to do with this through dirt to achieve their goal.
Why? Because it sounds interesting if nobody has the solution and I do and that’s when everybody want to listen to me and I’m the man of the day then!
The funny thing is on the so called “Talk Shows” you hear the most stupid consipiracy theories and think that you’re right when you say that if we work with amateurs that our end product will always be on an amateur level and will never be on a professional level.
There are few people here that have followed and finished a study or course in journalism and on the other side we have lots of people, especially on the radio, that are yapping so stupidly on the radio, that say the dumbest things like asking every caller from which neighborhood he is calling as if that has some sort of added value.
I don’t know about that but seemingly they think it’s very important.
After number 10 you want to throw up or turn the radio off.
What strikes me is that everybody’s finger is pointing towards the government because everything and I mean everything that goes wrong in our community is the fault of the government.
They forget one thing, who put those guys there? Start by saying that you were wrong when you chose them and that you’ll know better next elections.
Everybody is complaining about the PDVSA refinery and what the deadly consequences are of the poisonous emissions of that junkyard.
When SMOC (activist group) demonstrates who do you think will show up? Not the jojo’s that are calling the radio stations all day long or that live under the smoke of the refinery! NO ! But people that really love this rock that happen to live elsewhere that want to protest and defend the poor souls that don’t have a choice but to live under the smoke of the refinery!
Where are they with their big mouths on the radio?
When I heard that Dear Rozier was arrested because of some dog shit I said (without knowing the facts) that this was probably some sort of macho behavior about nothing! Later it turned out I was right, some lady cop with an inferiority complex that needed to prove herself and does not know how to deal with authority wanted to show an important person in our community that she’s more important than this person and does not respect him which the other person does not accept which resulted in this sort of situation and will end up as a hisser. Watch my words!
This is all wasted time and energy!
Typical Curacao macho behavior!
I don’t listen to the radio or watch Telecuracao for years now because I’m not going to get aggravated because I want to live longer and do not want to die of a heart attack!
Nowadays with a sea of information we are bombarded with on a daily basis, ignorance is not a handicap but a choice!
I laugh my butt off on this rock because as long as we do not try to evolve and improve ourselves people will keep thinking that we are some banana republic!

By: Arthur Donker

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