Published On: Sat, Oct 13th, 2012

Government apparatus Curacao 3.0

On October 10, 2010 a new government of Curacao was sworn in. It was not the government 3.0 but 2.1. We got nine departments. The Secretary General and other senior positions in each department had to be filled. The minister back then considered them all politically appointed and chose their own people. There was an organization design and a business plan for each department. The housing had to be arranged. After two years, the apparatus is not working properly. Many do not know what to do and are afraid of politics. This is because the last two years inside and outside the apparatus those who did their work were hunted for doing their job.

Have a look at the website ( The website should be the platform on which one could be able to interact with the government. That is not the case at all and there is too little information.

For years, before the new status, I’ve submitted concrete plans to establish a civil service with equipment to train, especially the top. It was never clear to me why such institution has never been established. But such an institute remains a necessity. The unit will not function optimally if there is no civil service. But let me educate the institute, because you're not without knowledge and international network. An example for us is the Dutch School for Public Administration.

Written by Dr. Miguel Goede
Public Administration, Politic Science 

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