Published On: Mon, Dec 18th, 2017

“GZE wants a fair chance?”

Oil RefineryIn the local Dutch newspaper Antilliaans Dagblad (A.D.) of last weekend, Saturday, December 16, 2017, in the main article there is a curious headline, saying: “GZE wants a fair chance”. Too crazy for words that Guangdong Zhenrong Energy (GZE) still wants a fair chance after GZE itself has worked in the most unfair way with providing incorrect information and withholding crucial data that they should have provided (read: through the necessary due diligence of Curaçao invariably from the outset to claim that they have the technical knowledge and financial capacity to modernize the Isla.)

Not to mention their way of working with the fierce denial of their financial and legal problems in the Far East, with which they have tried to deceive the government. Why "fair chance"?

They justify their wish with the statement that "GZE is dependent on PDVSA". How so??? It had to be the other way around right. Namely that PDVSA would be dependent of GZE on the technical and financial assistance necessary for the modernization of the Isla.

They have been walking around for months on the Isla terrain with their helmets on and their clipboards in hand to personally take the poll of the technical state of the Isla. In addition, GZE has received from their Godfather (RdK owner of the refinery) all relevant information that RdK itself has in connection with the technical inspections, more information than GZE itself could ever get directly from PDVSA. This excuse of dependence on PDVSA is simply the putting the blame on PDVSA. And so the government is going to consider that to give them a "fair chance"?

This counterpart is absolutely not suitable to modernize the Isla, so cut off that relationship. Nothing fair chance. It is now time to give the GreenTown project a fair chance. And also the highest time to realize another allocation of our community resources. Stop spending millions on "negotiating" and seeking advice from consultants, for which millions of consultancy fees have to be paid. We have now paid enough money with this MDPT.

More than 18 million guilders in 4 years spent exclusively on talking, talking, talking and cheating and nothing has been achieved, nothing! This is not a good government policy, okay Whiteman and Asjes were liable for this, but now Rhuggenaath is at the helm and so now Rhuggenaath needs to put things in order and work decisively. It must be really different.

Cooperation with GZE for the modernization of the Isla is a stillborn child. The result of 4 years of talking only shows Santa Claus playing with community money and has not delivered anything constructive. Only this misery has been called upon us. We must radically stop with this, it has now been enough. 4 years of time and money wasted. We now have to change the rudder drastically. We must stop this misallocation of community resources while 40% of the population lives below the subsistence level and has the greatest difficulty to keep their heads above water.

The destructive consequences of the unwise and provocative trade union actions are in no way justified, but the frustration of the population that appears, is a signal to the government that it really must be different. That's how I think about it and with me many others, the "silent majority".

Marguérite Nahar

Juriste Marguérite Nahar was external legal advisor to Refineria di Korsou (RdK) until mid-October 2016

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