Published On: Mon, Jan 27th, 2014

Hit by a windmill blade!

Arthur DonkerI am always surprised by the creativity some people have when it comes to con the population here in Curacao.

Two ministries, the one of Health, Environment and Nature and the one of Education, Culture and Sports, put their heads together and got minister Whiteman crazy enough to carry this project to start a course to maintain the old profession of repairing and maintaining windmills, a course with duration of six months.

It’s not a sewing machine, to take six months to teach you how to repair something like that seems a bit long to me, but who am I? I’m technically inclined those ministers are not!

The first thing that came up in me was, oh, here we have some foundation that will get a bag full of subsidies from the government what will not be used, with it exception of paying fat salaries and buying expensive cars, because I don’t think that they will get a lot of participants to learn how to maintain, repair and service windmills.

Why do I think like that? Simple, I cannot seem to remember when was the last time I saw a new windmill here, because everybody is using electric pumps nowadays and is not going to put together a windmill and maintain it, because when it come to maintenance forget it, an example are the AC busses that spit out whole clouds of black smoke all day long and nobody does anything about it, and all it takes is a little filter to stop that.

But we are going to start a windmill course full of pep and will stay positive and hope it will be so popular that a whole troop of youngsters will dive into building and maintaining windmills instead of all day long Wazzuping, because that will be something they will be needing in the future.

I keep laughing on this rock, in a few months there will be questions again in the parliament about the expenses and it will show once again that the resources were used for all sorts of things except windmills!

Arthur Donker

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