Published On: Wed, Jan 6th, 2016

holiday drama

dekker_0Bedridden grandmother turned into a wolverine-monster, killed her six-year-old granddaughter and devoured the body. The little girl had visited her sick grandmother daily for months and brought her baskets full of delicacies and sweets. On a fateful afternoon, the little girl noticed that Grandma looked very strange, bewildered with big eyes rolling in her head while cupping her ears with both hands.

When she asked, “ Grandma why are your eyes so large, and are you cupping your ears?’ The wild woman had yelled, “ So I can see and hear you better!”

With saliva and blood drooping from the quivering lips of the sick woman, the girl had asked again, this time fearfully, “ and why Grandma is your mouth so large?” Thereupon the woman went raving mad, killed the little girl, devoured her extremities and ate her enthralls.

You may recognize this life-drama as the exact scenario you heard as a child listening to the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

In this real life 'game that people play,' the little loving girl is the provider for a chronically sick member of the family. The sickness is 'addiction.' The patient turns into a monster and eventually kills her provider.

It may sound paradoxical to you at first, but this is the precise scenario that is acted out in thousands of families with a drug or alcohol addicted loved ones.

An addict always solicits a provider, mostly a mother or sister, who looks the other way and keeps coming with love, care, and goodies, no matter what. It goes on for a long time, sometimes with some drama quickly forgiven with many promises to do better extracted from the patient, until the fatal day when the addict turns into a monster.

Everything will be ripped to pieces, not only the provider but everything else in the loving and caring family. The addict-patient will devour everything, even little sister.

Reading about some of these dramatic accounts that came to a head over the holidays, reconfirmed the age-old wisdom and validity of Little Red Riding Hood’s fairy tale.

One cannot treat addiction and the crime that follows, with ongoing love and care. It does not work, never! The provider always becomes the extension of the culprit, as well as the victim, and will eventually be ruined by it. Addiction has ripped apart too many families, too many loving mothers and sisters, who looked the other way.

"Basta" can only be successful by stopping the providers from feeding their beloved addicts. Yes family members, yes parents, it is time for you to act up, to put your foot down and take action against the addict in your household.

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