Published On: Mon, Mar 27th, 2017

Hundred years misled

Jacob Gelt Dekker“The secret of the proletariat, “ Karl Marx once said, “ is that it bears within it the destruction of bourgeois society.”

But the destruction of the bourgeoisie by the proletariat did not happen. The proletariat aspired to the bourgeoisie and so intensively that it became the consumption craze bourgeois society of today.

“We must be grateful to Memmi for reminding us that the colonized (in Africa) , like the proletariat against the bourgeois society, has its secret and that we are witnessing the infamous death struggle of colonialism,” stated Jean-Paul Sartre in 1957.

But Sartre was also wrong. The transition of colonies to sovereign states was mostly peaceful. Africa ended up with more than 50 sovereign nation-states.  Many of the formerly-colonized massively killed each other in endless tribal wars.  Over the last twenty years, Africa lost at least twenty million people to unconscionable butchery.

Frantz Fanon, of Martinique and politically active in North Africa,  predicted a race struggle analogous to Karl Marx's class struggle. The Black would wipe out the White race.

But Fanon was also wrong; Black and White live in harmony in a black-ruled South Africa, after Apartheid was abolished by law, and not by the sword. All races in the United States were equally integrated after segregation ended in 1964. Europe never made a racial distinction against the Blacks. It had learned its lesson, after  Hitler’s Jewish Holocaust.

Albert Memmi said, “ The cultural and moral mission of the colonizer, is no longer tenable; it simply is a voyage towards an easier life, that must, first of all, bring substantial profit. You go to a colony because jobs are guaranteed, wages high, careers more rapid and businesses more profitable.”  Memmi may have been right at the time, but colonization of Africa was only a temporary event, that started after 1885 and lasted till the 1950’s.

Today, precisely these motivations, summed up by Memmi as the motivation for the colonizer, are the very ones of African migrants into Europe. The formerly-colonized, nearly 20 million since the year 2000, managed to migrate to the homelands of their former colonizer.

They were received with great courtesy, support, and compassion. The immigrants must have been astonished, once in Europe.  They did not encounter Marx’s class warfare, Sartre’s colonizers’ death struggle, or Frantz Fanon’s “Wretched of the Earth” in bloody racial conflicts.

For nearly one hundred years, hundreds of millions were deceived and misled by radical ideological philosophy, and hundreds of millions died a premature death because of it. The philosophers still wash their blood-stained hands in innocence, while their sycophants continue to blow the horn of false tunes.

By Jacob Gelt Dekker
Columnist for Curaçao Chronicle

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