Published On: Mon, Feb 3rd, 2014

Hypocrite and discriminating Politicians!

Arthur DonkerSometimes it hits very hard when you hold a mirror in front of people just to show them how stupid they are and usually the reaction at first is denial and after that violence.

In Curacao we like to play the Holy man for outsiders and as soon as the sun goes down a whole transformation takes place and we do everything God forbids just to pray Jesus off the cross the next day.

Every time there is a issue about what they don’t want to see or does not favor them, that little finger goes all over except the right way and is the nearest guilty party, the Dutch, and they run and hide behind the wall of slavery and colonialism.
They play the race card because it’s the easiest and they don’t have to think about it or they switch over to religion because here everybody is holier than the pope.

The church, once respected and carried high by the whole population was one of the promoters of Campo Alegre because they sat with the government and the Shell then to take the decision to build a prostitution camp.

Last week Saturday mrs. Raveneau (again) came with her point of view as the big defender of the Curacao morality and once again with her stupid point of view that homosexuality and low morale came over from Holland, of course from Holland and not from Colombia or China or the Bahamas no, specifically from Holland.

Why? Because her hate and inferiority complex and lodged so deep that she’s like a racehorse with blinders on so that she can only see straight ahead while she’s being side swiped by a bus!

She hides behind e bible that promotes murder, slavery, adultery, polygamy, incest and everything else you can imagine, that accepts this as normal but finds homosexuality is not tolerated in the bible and asks all church leaders and the population to stand behind her to fight this evil.

The same church leaders that are choking in court cases about sex with under age children.
I always thought that God created everybody equal and loved everybody just the same, but seemingly even God discriminates because according to her it’s not so God does not love homos.

What a narrow minded, underhanded, ignorant, pathetic person this is and that in our modern times.
This lady puts us to shame on international level and does our island a lot of damage, no wonder people think that we are a third world country.

In Africa they still think that by having sex with an underage child you can cure Aids.

Maybe mrs. Raveneau should go there because there she can find people that don’t know what is happening in the rest of the world and she can play the shiny moral knight there but not here!

I keep laughing on this rock because she does not realize that she is embarrassing herself in front of the world and is floating around and is saying stupidities.

Arthur Donker

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