Published On: Thu, Aug 14th, 2014

Ignorance is not a handicap, it’s a choice!

Arthur DonkerI’m still surprised to see how dumb some members of our parliament can express themselves on tv about issues they have no notion of and try to hide their ignorance behind a book called the bible, which nobody can tell me who wrote it and I still consider a bunch of campfire stories.

Mrs. Raveneau was once again on tv not only to talk for herself, but she thought she also could talk on behalf of the whole population of Curaçao, to express her dissatisfaction about the Gay Pride Week what will be organized for the third time in September by Floris Suite Hotel.

She relies on the Bible that disapproves homosexuality and says that the government has to take a stand and see the Gay Pride Week as a danger to the community and came up, the same as Mr. Said Flores, with all sorts of doom scenarios about lawless hordes of people running around with aids that will corrupt the whole island and would convert this rock into a second Sodom and Gomorra!

These people hide behind the bible, the same book that, let’s be honest, starts with murder and incest. Cain beat Abel to the Walhalla and then there were Cain, Adam and Eve right? So where the hell do we come from? Somebody must have been Happy Hour-ing on a good Friday with Eve in the Rainbow Lounge at Floris Suite Hotel maybe?
Homosexuality is taboo, but murder and incest is not?

These people forget that the same Curacao Council of Churches here together with the government and the catholic bishop at the time, decided that we had to come up with some sort of a camp where all the prostitutes would stay and that was the beginning of Campo Alegre (Happy Camp), what at that time they did not consider as Sodom and Gomorra! It was ok then, 60 – 70 years ago, but homosexuality is still a taboo???
Why don’t they address that issue? That is living proof of Sodom and Gomorra right, or are they afraid that they will find their very heavy catholic partners there, men as well as women (on Tuesday night Ladies Night) that will be praying Christ from the cross next Sunday?

What a bunch of hypocrite, stupid, backstabbing, pathetic, ignorant people!
Don’t we have bigger problems than to persecute homosexuals? We have a huge incest problem in Curacao, we still have a big problem with priests and clergy and other “holy” figures that abuse little kids, isn’t that a bigger problem than a small group, 2.3% of the population according to mr. Said Flores, that are homosexuals and have to persecute them?

I am hetero and hate it when, people discriminate other people (because let’s be honest that’s what it is) because they are “different” or are doing something that does not coincide with your picture of what is a perfect life because that picture has been unsolicited engraved in your mind because you had no voice and it was decided for you at birth, that it was the right path to follow for the rest of your life. I know everything about that, because we decided not to baptize out daughter and wanted to wait till she was old enough to decide for herself if she wanted to become Catholic, Islam, or Protestant or whatever she chose to be, my parents were terribly upset and insulted. Just imagine what the neighbors would say!

Mrs. Raveneau, Mr. Flores, ignorance is not a handicap, it’s a choice!

I keep laughing on this rock, no wonder people see us as a third world country because even the pope said “Who am I to judge”?

By Arthur Donker

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