Published On: Tue, Jun 16th, 2015

Is Curacao ‘King James’ territory?

lebron-jamesWILLEMSTAD - His Royal Highness King Willem-Alexander ("The Great") is the supreme monarch of the autonomous glorious land of Curacao, but a battle is in the offing as another king approaches from the northeast, looking to take over the small Dutch Caribbean islands by his sheer will of personality. His name is "King James”. Ask any of the number of teams in the Curacao's Men's Basketball League; and one of the first two kings to come to their mind is "King James”.

KWAG kingsmen might have been saying, "Dis is madness, utter madness; I tell you," and so Sunday’s 8pm game 2 of the NBA Finals Championship, after being aired on Thursday night and drawing record Nielsen rating numbers, was blocked and left King James faithful followers scampering to see their king at some hotel or outdoor sports restaurant that had satellite coverage of the Disney-owned ABC broadcast channel. According to an Associated Press release, the NBA Finals Game 1’s record breaking Nielsen ratings was the highest since ABC got the rights to broadcast the NBA Finals in 2003.

Lebron James aka "King James”, entered the NBA straight out of high school and, labeled as a basketball star prodigy, grew up for the most part in a single parent home with his mother, but is now a husband, a father of three and the vice-president of the NBA Players Association.

In 2003, James at 18 years old entered the NBA and four years later he led his team to the city's first ever NBA Championship Finals and the team's first ever Eastern Conference Championship. Three years later, James left Cleveland in a heartbroken array of angered "Cav. #23" jersey-burning fans, for the luxury and fame of South Beach, under the veteran tutelage of Pat Riley, president of the Miami Heat.

Four seasons later, with 4 NBA Championship Final appearances and an almost three-peat history, the prodigal son, "King James”, returned home to Ohio. Now, the “King" and his Cavalier “kingsmen” are in a war, seeking the coveted title of the world's best basketball team in the 2015 NBA Championship Finals against none other than the Warriors.

In brief; The Cleveland Cavaliers roster looks like this:

A) Point Guards: Kyrie Irving (out of action with knee surgery) and Matthew Delladova
B) Shooting Guard: Joe Harris
C) Power Forwards: Tristan Thompson and Shawn Marion (doubtful but OA and has announced his retirement).
D) Small Forwards: Lebron James (salary in 2006/2007 season with the Cavaliers was the fifth highest at US$5.8 million; however, in 2014/2015 season he reached a deal of US$42+ million for two years – the highest salary for the team), J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Mike Miller*(played with Lebron James in 2013/2014 season with Miami Heat), James Jones* (played with Lebron James in 2013/2014 season with Miami Heat).
E.) Centers: Kevin Love (out of action), Kendrick Perkins, Timofey Mozgov, Anderson Varejao (played with Lebron James in the 2006/2007 season; losing the championship to the San Antonio Spurs. His salary was just under US$1 million), Brendan Haywood (doubtful but OA).

This rooster has an international demographic: Brazil (1) - Canada (1) - Russia (1) - Australia (2) - USA (10), this equates to one-third internationals: two-thirds US (nationals) and a 40% Caucasian / 60% African-American team players.

At mid season the Cavs were 19-20 with Lebron James, a far cry for the outstretched dreams to even classify for the NBA playoffs series, even less make the 2015 NBA Championship Finals. But, look at them now! Never doubt the heart of a champion.
After Game 2 win in the 2015 NBA Championship Finals, Lebron James remarked, "For us to win a finals game; shooting 32% from the field, it's just a testament of how gritty we can be. It has to be that for the rest of the series, no matter how many games it takes."

According to the; its NBA 2015 Finals Championship games schedule is as follows, accompanied with my personal predictions of the results:

Game 1 Thursday; June 4* at GSW: Warriors Won (1-0)
Game 2 Sunday; June 7 @8pm EST at GSW: Cavaliers Won (1-1)
Game 3 Tuesday; June 9 @9pm EST at CC: Cavaliers will probably win [High Probability] (2-1)
Game 4 Thursday; June 11 @9pm EST at CC: Cavaliers will probably win [Low Probability] (2-2)
Game 5 Sunday; June 14 @8pm EST at GSW: Warriors will probably win [Low Probability] (3-2)
Game 6 Tuesday; June 16 @9pm EST at CC: Cavaliers will probably win [Low Probability] (3-3)* <Champions>
Game 7 Friday; June 19 @9pm EST at GSW: Cavaliers will probably win [High Probability] (4-3)* <Champions>

Six out of the last nine years, "King James” has appeared in the NBA Championship Finals leading two different teams and his win / NBA Championship appearance ratio is a mere 2:6, but far better than many; whose ratio is a "never / none ratio". Magic Johnson, Hall of Famer LA Lakers point guard; has pointed out that Lebron's leadership style of playing is more "Magicist"; to winning championship instead of "Jordanist" in principle.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed, now you can also be prepared if the "UTS flash announcement" pops up on the screen saying: "You Can't Watch This Program, Go Find It Someplace Else!"

One avid Curasaleno basketball player / enthusiast commented, "Has anyone else ever thought that Curacao is the "gambling hub" of the Caribbean, and if we were given notice beforehand we would not have missed so much of the game and the live drama of game 2 Finals.

By Josefina Josepha

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