Published On: Thu, Feb 19th, 2015

ISIS, LDS and the Catholics

Jacob Gelt DekkerYour understanding of time may be, “beginning and end--- tensed time, past, present and future. It happened, it is happening, it is going to happen.” You may think of the Big Bang in time, as a beginning and the Big Crunch, as an end.

To safeguard the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching, in 1600, Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for teaching the ideas of Copernicus’ helio-centrism. The Sun and not the Earth was in the center of the solar system, according to Polish astronomer-mathematician, Nicolai Copernicus. Thirty-three years later, Galileo Galilei was forced to kneel before the Inquisition, with chains of torture rattling in the background, and recant his belief in Copernicanism.

With the experience of two major anti-intellectual misnomers on record, the Church appeased astronomer-mathematician the Protestant British Stephan Hawking by awarding him the Pius XI medal in 1975, while sandbagging his paper on the Big Bang by pontificating “ don’t inquire into the Big Bang itself, because that is the moment of creation and the work of God.” Hawking not only proved the Big Bang/ Big Crunch including time before and after, he also had to confirm that matter escapes out of Black Holes.

Religions and other totalitarian systems are by definition anti-intellectual, especially forsciences that do not support their dogmas. So ISIS/Islam, like the Christians, has the end-of-time, its own Armageddon, they call it Malahim. It will take place soon, not in Megiddo, or Jerusalem, but is Dabiq, at the Turkish border. A Second Coming of Jesus Christ, or a Jewish Messiah are not in their script, but they do have a Mahdi; also no Rapture for 40,000 LDS-faithful, but ‘for ISIS warriors only. ‘

What a pity for ISIS, LDS and all those other Big-Crunch faithful, time, as Einstein and Hawking defined it, or rather Space-time, is warped rather than linear, and indivisible, infinite and eternal. There is no end and no beginning.

Never mind guys, under our Constitutional laws of freedom, expression and speech, an unalienable Human Right, you are all allowed to believe any delusion you wish, as long as you do not impose it on others.

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