Published On: Wed, Jan 1st, 2014

Isla receives the “Solo di Pueblo “ award???

Arthur DonkerThe day before the last day of the year I am getting all upset over the fact that Radio Hoyer, during their annual awards presentation for the people that contributed a lot to our community presented a “Solo di Pueblo” award to PDVSA.

My mouth fell open and the two hairs on my head stood straight up and I started to get gag reflexes and heart palpitations because I could not imagine that Mrs. Hoyers was so stupid to do this and could not understand what kind of criteria she used to come to the decision to give these people, what used to be a prestigious award, to the biggest polluter of our “Dushi Curacao” !!

Why? Because they gave a bus to a group of old folks or fixed up a school or gave a big cheque to an institution for the blind?

What about the three thousand school children that are often sent home because of the stink and the smoke, what about the salt pans at Jan Kok that are ruined for the next decenias, do they deserve a plaque because of that? That bus and those fat cheques and all those people in white coveralls at Jan Kok next to Gerrit Schotte, the big hypocrite, for a nice photo op, that is all Public Relations, keep Joe Public calm so that we can continue to ruin the island.

My God there are so many people that do so much good work here without asking for a plaque or award, for example take that American couple that sees to it that every year a group of poor kids get a bike with Christmas, they do everything themselves, those are people that really love Curacao that made it their home and do not do it to get a plaque or an award.

No, we give it to a multinational that sucks the island dry and ruins everything because Curacao doesn’t interest them, it’s the bottom line that counts, not the bus or the fat cheques or those aircos for the schools under the smoke and you think they did a lot for the community and reward them.

Sorry I really can’t laugh about this, my respect for Radio Hoyer reached an all time low, it was a nice gesture that “Solo di Pueblo”award but not anymore.

Arthur Donker

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