Published On: Mon, Jun 29th, 2015

Last week

dekker_0Race, ethnic and religious conflicts overwhelmed millions in Europe, full of anticipation preparing for their summer family vacations. Out of the blue, the absurdity of preconceived notions turned humanity into beastly brutality; once again this year, as if to send us off with stern reminders.
It was hard to grasp as events unfolded minute by minute on media screens; this could not be true. More than anything, it appeared so very anachronistic, as from a long gone time, not of today.

The Charleston funerary ceremonies were surreal, the heat, scores of dignitaries, flowing gowns, black suits, fiery speeches, all in a musty stench of weeping and wailing. At Carthage airport in Tunisia, TUI-767’s evacuated thousands of trembling tourists escaping death from an Armageddon bloodbath at the beach. President Francois Hollande clumsily paid his respects to mourners of a decapitated plant manager. And at least 30 people, killed in Somalia after gunmen attacked an African Union military base, seemed to have fallen by the waste side of international media attention, already. Unabated, ISIS continues its carnage in the Middle East.

America celebrated its Supreme Court marriage and Affordable Care Act victories; society-changing issues were wrestled back from destructive and hateful efforts of entrenched reactionary religious zealots. Finally, a glimmer of hope prevailed. Greece got further into a tailspin of self-destruction though, leaving millions out on a limb. And then, many of us remained unaffected. As always, endless numbers of celebratory birthday and graduation cards were posted on social media.

By Jacob Gelt Dekker, opinion columnist for Curaçao Chronicle.

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