Published On: Fri, Jul 15th, 2016

Let it hurt: It’s not only Gerrit Schotte

CooperThe report on the mismanagement of the public companies gave Schotte’s enemies a good stick to beat him with. Unfortunately, his enemies forgot that those things that were mentioned in the report could not have happened if Helmin Wiels and Charles Cooper did not cooperate with Gerrit Schotte’s policies.

With this, I want to say that both Helmin Wiels and Charles Cooper are as guilty as Gerrit Schotte. Even if they had not cooperated, they turned their faces and allowed these things to happen. That means you are guilty right?

Helmin Wiels is not here anymore to be held accountable and to face the consequences. But his party is still here. Helmin WielsThis means that the party will have to face the consequences. It is good for them to come out and be held accountable in the name of their former leader.

Charles Cooper is still here to be held accountable. It’s wise for him to do that as soon as possible. He shouldn’t keep him out shut. I can imagine that his new party PAS will not be held accountable, but he will not escape.

So to all Schotte’s enemies, just remember when you are beating him with your new found stick. Make sure you beat Helmin Wiels and those who represent him nos. Beat Charles Cooper too.

They are all the same!

By Yves Cooper

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