Published On: Thu, Jan 14th, 2016

Letter to a local reporter (2): “This one incident doesn’t change my feelings about the island of Curacao or its people.”

CuracaoMr. Cooper-Thank you for posting my letter to you. I've tried very hard to translate the replies, but unfortunately there are not many online translators for Papiamentu. Smile emoticon I was able to get some words translated from the replies, but not enough for it to make enough sense to me.

I wanted to reply to all those that commented, but I didn't see where I could do that, so I'm wondering if you could post it for me? I just want to let the people know that this one incident doesn't change my feelings about the island of Curacao or its people. Bad things happen everywhere.

I do take some responsibility for what happened because I had read to stay away from Playa Jeremi because of the theft. The day before we drove past and chose not to go, The next day we changed our minds. It was our final day of vacation and we had also heard that the snorkeling was beautiful there. Which it was! The most color we saw the entire time. smile emoticon

We had always hid anything valuable to us under the spare tire, which is why my husbands wallet was not taken because he had put it there. My mind was distracted and this was the first time that I forgot to hide my items. So I do blame myself as well.

I am not sad about the loss of my camera or phone. They are material items that can be replaced. I am sad that I don't have the pictures I took (also my fault for not uploading to my computer), but more than that, my heart is broken because I lost so many conversations and words said to me from one of the most important people in my life, who is no longer with me.

I think that's what I would want to come from this is that there might be a way to let tourists know where the safer places are, or to post signs at places where theft is common.

I just really want to let the people that responded to me (even though I couldn't read them) that I appreciate it. Also that my husband and I had a great time on your island. We travel a lot and it's important to me when we visit somewhere to actually do more than just visit the 'tourist" places. I want to see the real culture of an area, I want to meet and talk to the people. I just want to say that I had some wonderful conversations and met many beautiful local people.

Thank you for that."

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