Published On: Thu, Sep 24th, 2015

Moral leadership

Jacob Gelt DekkerPope’s visit to Communist-Cuba and Catholic-USA is exposing an uncomfortable friction between Church and State. In an intense power-struggle, secular revolutions over the last 200 years, delivered liberation of the People, but today, ignited multiple religious counterrevolutions, a new struggle for power and money. Democracy, Rule of the People, for the People and by the People, won, and theocracy was sidelined, but Roman Catholic and Muslim ecclesiastics are not giving up.

The enormously wealthy Roman Catholic Church is throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at grand global public-relations tours for its leader, the Pope, who now pretends to personify global moral leadership and tries to meddle in local moral State affairs and economics.

Even in Communist Cuba, where religion was deemed by law, and according to Carl Marx, " the opiate for the masses," the Castro-brothers happily bought into the RK-Church and Pope’s mass psychology. After all, the brothers are titter tottering on the brink of bankruptcy, after their last benefactor, Chavez, died. In the USA, President Obama welcomed the Pontiff with his entire family, with grand fanfare and Head-of-State protocol.

It is indeed a very uncomfortable relationship, since morality, laws and regulations in Cuba and the USA are determined by government, either dictator’s rule of the brothers, or parliament in the US, House and Senate. We, in Cuba, and the USA, call democracy, Rule by the People, and not by dictatorship of an autocratic Pope, or any other self-endowed moral leader.

What remains for the Pope-show is nothing but grand pretense via the mass media, a display of symbol politics, of ceremony, of pomp and circumstance? A silly, little, black, look-alike limo, Fiat 500, in a hundred million-dollar parade, has to symbolize the Pope’s modesty and strong affiliation with poverty. Supposedly, and not very believable, the Pope, as a Franciscan, embraces asceticism, though living in world richest palaces, and like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism advocates poverty as a grand virtue. In the meantime, not one penny of the multi trillion-dollar Roman Catholic Church global empire is distributed, or directed to the poor.

ISIS, another global effort to establish moral leadership beyond democracy, is trying to force compliance with its moral Islamic Caliphate leadership through terror, much like once the Roman Catholic 16th century-Inquisitions use to do. Asceticism left Islam, devote of grand-show and display, like that of Roman Catholics, so just raw dictate of Hadith moralism and sharia law remains. ISIS-grand social media shows used bloody, beastly, brutality, to force People’s excessive acquiescence, with limited success though; twenty million people are on the run, while another twenty mullion are being slaughtered.

In a secular world, we do not need competing, autocratic, power-craving moral leaders of any kind. Popes and Caliphs are not welcome in our parliaments, where we established, after fierce battles of hundred of years, governments of the People, for the People and by the People.

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