Published On: Mon, Nov 23rd, 2015

New cabinet is a joke

Governor's palaceTHE WHOLE political system in Curaçao needs to be revamped and updated. Our current parties do not care about the population or the future of Curaçao. They will do anything, accept anything and ‘work’ with anyone in order to remain in power and make sure that their own benefits are served.

· PS (Helmin Wiels) vowed never to work with PAR, PAR vowed never to work with Marvelyne Wiels, but look what is happening now just so both can be ‘in power’.

· Just a couple of years ago they implemented a ‘zakencabinet’ to get things fixed and when things where ‘fixed’, they installed their politically appointed cabinet. That in itself implies that they knew that the political cabinet did not know or have the capacity to fix things. Why do we accept these people as our leaders??

· People get a couple of hundred votes (based on being part of a party) and then walk away with their ‘appointed’ parliament seat. The solution, make deals with whomever you can in order to form a ‘new cabinet’.

Curaçao politics is a joke. Curaçao deserves much better than this, but nobody that has the ability will ever get involved in this circus until we make some serious changes.

By Vino Rodrigues

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